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The convent of San Lodovico is situated on the edge of the downtown historical center, between Via Ripa and Piazza Ranieri. It is situated just in front of the exit of the public elevator coming from the parking place of the ex Campo della Fiera (Foro Boario) .
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Cartina di Orvieto

Orvieto: it's history

Orvieto, lato sud

Long before the ancient Romans extended their power over central Italy, Orvieto was one of the twelve federated cities and a religious center of the Etruscan league. Etruscan archeological finds in the city and surrounding area testify to the town's ancient origins.
During the medieval times Orvieto acquired wealth and importance as a "Comune". The most important monuments of the city are: the magnificent Duomo with San Brizio Chapel, the Palace of the Captain of the People, Palace of the Seven with the tower of the Moor, Palace of the Popes, Saint Patrick’s well and the Belvedere Temple.
Etruscan tombs or "Necropoli del Crocefisso" is an Etruscan necropolis under the rock of Orvieto. It is a collection of tombs all next to each other and engraved with the owners’names.